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It's that time of the year again, makers!
We know things can get a little hectic and expensive this time of year. So, Cerulean Tides wants to show you how grateful we are for you during our "Shine Bright & Hold Tight!" sale ...meant to bring you peace, joy, sparkles, and savings on high-quality supplies with ease during the busy season!

Sale items are already discounted and can be easily found on this page. No promo codes or searching required. Simply kick back, relax, go shopping, and enjoy the sweet & sparkly savings. We even put some special glitter mini-bundles together for you so you don't even have to worry about deciding! Save on all of them. Don't forget to redeem any promo codes or reward points at checkout to save even more!

If an item happens to run out of stock, you can pre-order it to secure your savings and we will ship those separately when they arrive. *Preorders will not hold up the remainder of your order :)

Happy Holidays, laser family! 
Love the CT family

shop all sale items down here!

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