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Looking for a way to elevate your laser-cut acrylic designs? 

Try adding touches of real natural, vegetable-tanned American leather. 

These beauties can be painted, dyed, embossed, or conditioned as-is.

They can be cut with leather-working tools or your laser!


These sample packs (5 pieces total) are available in two sizes:

(A) ~6.5" x 11"

(B) ~11" x 19.5"


All sizing is approximate. Each piece is unique (coloration and markings will vary). The natural tooling leather will feel stiff at first. With proper conditioning and normal wear, they will become more supple.

Natural Veg-Tan Leather (Variety 5-Pack: 2/3-7/8 oz)

PrecioDesde $34.99
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