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1/8" Mega Pastel Acrylic Pack (20 pc.)

For a combination of sweet & bold hues of pastels in your creations, the Pastel Acrylic Mega Pack is the answer! All 20 colors offer a unique soft touch on one matte-finished side and sleek glossy finish on the other side ultimate material versatility.


  • All 1/8" Cast acrylic
  • Cut to ~12" x  6" or ~12" x 18"
  • Items may be paper or film masked
    • the paper masking is laser safe and suitable for scoring and engraving your designs.
    • the film masking is laser safe for cutting, but will leave you with undesirable engrave results.
      • remove any film prior to running the engraved portion of your design.
  • These materials do not require as much laser-power, so adjust your settings accordingly for the best results. *If you have the ability to reduce your "min power" do so by about 5-10 increments so you do not end up with "gray corners".


Includes the following 20 pieces:

  1. Gushing Guava (Bold)
  2. Marigold Meadow (Bold)
  3. Buttercup (Bold)
  4. Sunlit Seagrass (Bold)
  5. Mojito Mint (Bold)
  6. Himalayan Poppy (Bold)
  7. Blurple (Bold)
  8. Cosmos Crush (Bold)
  9. Plush Plumeria (Bold)
  10. Tickle-Me-Pink (Bold)
  11. Papaya (Muted)
  12. Peach (Muted)
  13. Custard (Muted)
  14. Honeydew (Muted)
  15. Peppermint (Muted)
  16. Bubblegum (Muted)
  17. Jasmine (Muted)
  18. Cotton Candy (Muted)
  19. Sorbet (Muted)
  20. Periwinkle (Muted)

1/8" Mega Pastel Acrylic Pack (20 pc.)

PrecioDesde $159.66
  • Please inspect all digital and/or physical product(s) immediately. If there are any issues or you would like to request a refund, contact us within 3 business days from receiving the product(s). The refund request should include your original order number, a reason for the request, and any applicable photos. Not all items are eligible for return (i.e. shipping charges, "misfits", etc.). If a refund is applicable, it will be made back towards the same method of payment minus any shipping charges. If a replacement/return is applicable, the customer is responsible for any return postage unless otherwise expressed by Cerulean Tides Enterprises, LLC. We reserve the right to refuse the return or to charge a restocking fee of up to 25% if items are not returned to us in its original condition.

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