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1/16" Fluorescent Two-Tone Acrylic Bundle (7 pc.)

To create vibrant projects that truly POP (with or without a blacklight), choose our Flourescent Two-Tone materials now available in their own bundle!


  • 1/16" Thicknesses
  • Extruded acrylic materials
  • Cut to ~12" x  6" or ~12" x 18"
  • Items are film masked
    • The film masking is laser safe for cutting, but will leave you with undesirable engrave results.
      • Remove any film prior to running the engraved portion of your design.
  • These materials do not require as much laser-power, so adjust your settings accordingly for the best results. *If you have the ability to reduce your "min power" do so by about 5-10 increments so you do not end up with gray corners.


Includes the following 7 pieces:

  1. Fluorescent Yellow/Black
  2. Fluorescent Green/White
  3. Fluorescent Green/Black
  4. Fluorescent Orange/White
  5. Fluorescent Orange/Black
  6. Fluorescent Pink/White
  7. Fluorescent Pink/Black


1/16" Fluorescent Two-Tone Acrylic Bundle (7 pc.)

PrecioDesde $49.99
    • 12" x 6" or 12" x 18"
    • 1/16" Thickness
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