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Winter Bundle #2 (15 pc)

Winter Sale-A-Bration!


Celebrate the season with our Winter Sale-A-Bration! This exclusive mini bundle is packed with a dazzling array of acrylic colors and elegant wood styles, ideal for all your winter-themed designs.


From crisp whites to serene winter blues, this bundle has everything you need to bring your creative visions to life.


What’s Inside:


  • Vibrant Acrylics:   Add a splash of color to your festive projects.
  • Charming Wood Styles:   Perfect for a warm, rustic touch.
  • Seasonal Variety:   Great for home decor, jewelry, ornaments, and more.


Whether you're designing unique home decor, crafting beautiful jewelry, or creating festive ornaments, our Winter Sale-A-Bration mini bundles are your go-to for adding a touch of seasonal magic to your projects.


Grab your bundle today and start crafting your winter wonders! 


This 15 pc bundle features ~12" x 6" mini-cuts and includes:


  1. 1/8"   Iridescent Mirror Matte
  2. 1/8"   Deep Blue Transparent
  3. 1/8"   Wedgewood Frosted Matte/Gloss
  4. 1/8"   Tanzanite Glitter Luxe
  5. 1/8"   Silver Glitter Shimmer
  6. 1/8"   Bubblegum Pastel Muted
  7. 1/8"   Pool Party Neon
  8. 1/8"   Sky Blue Gloss/Gloss
  9. 1/8"   Sea Blue Gloss/Gloss
  10. 1/8"   Tidal Mist Flecks
  11. 1/16" White/Sky Blue Two-Tone
  12. 1/16" Light Blue/White Two-Tone
  13. 1/8"   Ocean Blue Glitter Fine
  14. 1/16" Beechwood/Brown Two-Tone Faux Wood
  15. 1/8"   Whitewash Pre-Dyed Plywood

Winter Bundle #2 (15 pc)

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